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1.0 what he does

1.1   Synopsis
Michael Drapkin provides senior-level business, technology and management expertise to enable profitable business and E-Commerce. Michael Drapkin, former chair of E-Commerce Management at Columbia University's Executive IT Management program, and formerly senior technologist at the Web agencies Razorfish and Avalanche and a vice president of Lehman Brothers, applies management, strategy and technology skills and resources that can make the difference between business red and black ink.

Having worked with Fortune 1000 as well as start-up firms, Michael Drapkin's services include:

  • Business assessment and triage
  • Project management and project reorganization
  • Vendor management and contract renegotiation
  • Market analysis and assessment
  • Technology consultant supply
  • Web application development
  • Web infrastructure
  • System and Network administration
1.2  Why Michael Drapkin?
Michael Drapkin provides managerial and technical expertise and cost-efficiencies not typically found in most companies. For small firms eager to keep costs down, Michael Drapkin offers all the resources necessary for business success along with the flexibility and economies of scale. For Fortune 1000 companies wanting successful project delivery, Michael Drapkin provides project management direction and the resources of a senior manager along with battle-hardened flexibility and cost-efficiencies.

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